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Iron Triangle Ltd (ITL) is a leading engineering, construction and project management company with operations spread across highways, buildings, water supply & sewerages, railways, solar and other infrastructure sectors. In three decades, we have specialized in enhancing the quality of life for people across the country with the infrastructure development services provided by us. We believe infrastructure is something that is connected to the emotions of the human beings and therefore try to facilitate our clientele in the best way possible by executing the projects with utmost quality and commitment.

ITL is an organization that has worked with Central and State Governments various reputed Government & Semi-Government corporations and corporates. ITL has worked for more than 100 reputed clients including NHAI, MORTH, GIFT, NBCC, RITES, R&B of various States, to name a few.

ITL has privilege to complete a World Bank funded Highway project in Odisha and to execute two Highway projects funded by Asian Development Bank in Chhattisgarh.

The team at ITL has an extensive experience, knowledge, dedication and therefore, we are very well known for the quality and time bound execution of the projects. From the beginning till the final construction, we strive to offer the best of all in every way. ITL is geared up to achieve more and build landmarks in the infrastructure industry.


  • 1991

    Foundation of a venture– “Backbone Enterprises” by three visionaries: Shri Kishor Viramgama, Shri Bhupendra T. Pachani and Shri Bhovanbhai P. Rangani.

  • 2002

    Partnership transformed into Ltd. a company as “Backbone Enterprises Ltd.” Four Laning of Gondal-Ribda NH-8B highway and achieved 100% Bonus first time from NHAI.

  • 2006-07

    Strengthening of Falla-Jamnagar-Khambhalia SH-25 highway for R&B, Gujarat Government, Four laning of Rajkot-Gondal-Jetpur Highway, Bhopa-Vidisha Highway, MP

  • 2008

    Construction of building project of Government College, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Four laning of Bharuch-Dahej of Gujarat State Highway

  • 2009

    Construction of New Runway Track at Cuddpah Airport, Andhra Pradesh, for AAI

  • 2009-10

    Lebad-Nagda Highway, MP, Common Infrastructure project in Dahej Chemical Zone & SEZ and Jhagdia Mega Estate for GIDC, Flood Protection Embankment on the bank of River Tapi & storm water drainage pipeline for JNNRUM, Vadodara.

  • 2011

    Murthal-Jhajjar-Dadri road project of Rs.222 cr., Haryana, irrigation project of pipeline for water supply for GWSSB, BRTS Road project for RMC, Rajkot, Housing project of 1792 flats for SMC under JNNRUM. Also, commissioned solar project of 5MW in Kutch with 25 years PPA with GUVNL

  • 2012

    Four laning of kamptee - kanhan and Nagpur bypass road project of Rs.165 cr., MP/Maharashtra and two laning of Sagar-Damoh road project of Rs.130 cr. in MP.

  • 2013

    13.5 years annuity project of Rs. 120 cr. Morbi-Navlakhi-Maliya-Pipaliya Highway connecting Navlakhi Port in Gujarat, 2 months before deadline. Mining project for breaking hard strata from GMDC, Gujarat.

  • 2014

    Four laning of Nagpur - Betul road project - NH69 of Rs.307 cr., Maharashtra

  • 2015

    Construction of Govt. Polytechnic, Junagadh, Construction of housing project 0f 1064 flats for RMC, Rajkot, Commissioned solar project of 10MW in Kutch with 25 years PPA with SECI.

  • 2016

    A milestone project: Rs.764 cr. Jetpur Somnath NH-8 having 123 km length in Gujarat with 17 major bridges, 4 minor bridges and 4 ROB.n hours award.

  • 2017

    Name of the company changed from “Backbone Enterprises Ltd.” to “Iron Triangle Ltd.” Two laning of NH-57 and NH-59 Highway project of Rs.193 cr. for NHAI in Odisha.

  • 2018

    Completed a World Bank funded project: Rs.229 Cr. Nabarangpur Koksara NH-201 having 55 km length in Odisha in most difficult terrain, ahead of schedule, for MORTH. Completed GIFT City, Gandhinagar common infrastructure project.

  • 2019

    Four laning of road with 3 flyovers and 1 elevate corridor on railway track project of Rs.300 cr. in Raipur, Chhartisgarh, Chhatisgarh Police Housing Project of 1080 flats and Govt. Housing Project of 1736 flats for RMC, Rajkot.


Iron Triangle Ltd strongly believe in always doing what is right. It always transpires as positive energy in our ethical pursuit par excellence to our organization character and functional behaviour. The inherent and inimitable Iron Triangle culture stands tall on values such as –


Being honest and reliable for work we execute. Our work speaks for us. Our stakeholders can count on us at all times.


Efficient functioning and timely delivery of infrastructure development through extraordinary approach and commitment.


Commitment to deliver project with utmost quality.


We follow latest technologies to get the best possible quality in our work.


We work by respecting local cultures, local people, and protection of the environment.


We follow the diverse culture, and respect all the views coming to the way.


We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues that are built on trust, respect, and collaboration.


Vision animates, inspires and transforms purpose into action. ITL aims to achieve sustainable inclusive growth by focussing on people and technology  to deliver quality infrastructure development and customer satisfaction.


To create opportunities for growth of the organisation with state of the art  technologies, innovations and transparent congenial environment for employees

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To spearhead the cause of socio-economic uplifting by connecting places with excellent infrastructure and providing employment in the process of building infrastructure for the Nation.

To execute each project with commitment to deliver in time, adhering safety and quality standards.

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Founded in the year 1991 as “Backbone Enterprises” a partnership venture, since then, the organisation has grown tremendously with goodwill in infrastructure sector and considered among one of the most trusted partners for the Government and Semi Government organisations, under the guiding force of three key personalities with extraordinary capabilities as leaders: – Mr. Kishor V. Viramgama, Mr. Bhupendra T. Pachani and Mr. Bhovanbhai P. Rangani.

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“Backbone Enterprises” was was transformed into a Limited Company in the year 2002 as Backbone Enterprises Limited.  In the year 2017, name of Backbone Enterprises Limited has been changed to Iron Triangle Limited.

Since its inception in 1991, Iron Triangle Ltd has evolved many folds, and has earned a strong reputation for delivering innovative ideas for solving the construction and engineering challenges easily and efficiently and has earned the reputation  due to the smart management of huge infrastructure projects. The first real success was achieved by ITL with the completion of Gondal–Ribda Project of NHAI in 2007-08, in which ITL has achieved 100% bonus; this is the first time in the history of National Highway Authority of India. After that ITL has completed many other prestigious Projects before the scheduled completion dates viz., an annuity highway project of Rs. 120 cr.  for Navlakhi Port connectivity in Gujarat in 2013-14 and a World Bank Funded highway project of Rs.229 cr. in Odisha in 2017-18. ITL completed Rs.763 cr. Jetpur – Somnath Highway Project in 2016-17 and been graced with 200 Million Safe Man Hours Award.

Iron Triangle Limited has consistently been surging ahead, gaining strength ever so earnestly to meet the challenges of rapidly advancing and transforming infrastructure scenario across India.

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Chairman’s Message

Mr. Kishor Viramgama

Mr. Kishor Viramgama


Iron Triangle Limited

Iron Triangle Limited (ITL) believes in following comprehensive process that converts dream into realities and execution into achievements. We started our journey in 1991 and in three decades, ITL has emerged as a leading and reliable Infrastructure company, by pursuing collaborative model of timely execution & delivery coupled with technical expertise &  latest equipments and adhering strong values & ethics.

With a multitude of expertise in Engineering, Procurement, Construction at ITL, we follow an extraordinary style of processes that comes along with innovations, use of fleet of latest plant and machineries, focused efforts and commitment from each member of  ITL  resulting into successful delivery of the projects with utmost satisfaction and admiration from the clients .

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The construction sector plays major role in the economic growth, provides major employment being second largest employer after agriculture and so occupies pivotal position in the country’s development plans. The thrust of Government in infrastructure has robustly paved long way for reforms and infrastructure activities like never before. We at ITL, with a solid foundation of association with Government and Government organisations for three decades, are partnering the Nation’s infrastructure and housing development activities.

With our presence in infrastructure sector in wide spectrum of areas like highways, roads and bridges, affordable housing, specialised buildings, water supply and sewerages, common infrastructure and railways infrastructure and in more than seven States, I am confident that our collective team efforts will take the company to greater heights with persistent phenomenal growth.

I thank all highly dedicated employees, customers and lenders for joining us in our continuous efforts to diversify, grow and to succeed.

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Management Team

Mr. Kishor Viramgama

Mr. Kishor Viramgama

Chairman and Managing Director

Amongst the most coveted promoter directors of the company

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and a graduate in civil engineering with distinction from L.E.College, Morbi, Gujarat. Mr. Kishor Viramgama, with his meticulous professional knowledge, intriguing confidence of over two decades of continual experience of endowing with best services to various government departments associated to infrastructure development has been an asset to the construction industry.

With his dynamic and multi dimensional approach, besides unmatched troubleshooting capabilities, he could easily be rated as one of the organization heads in the Industry, today. Uninterrupted flow of works, too, foretells the business development strategies spearheaded by Mr. Kishor Viramgama, resulting in to making Iron Triangle Limited its presence felt in other states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Orissa, etc.

His pursuit for growth of the company is so very exceptionally intense that he has so far made umpteen trips abroad to explore the possibilities and to get acquainted with the recent advancements and trends in construction industry all over the world.

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Mr. Bhupendra Pachani

Mr. Bhupendra Pachani


A promoter director of Iron Triangle Limited, Mr. Bhupendra Pachani,

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a graduate in civil engineering from Gujarat India, has an in-depth technical background professional expertise in construction arena, quite efficiently applies all his experience in project execution with authority, fullest zeal and artistic brilliance. His experience of working with R&D Government of Gujarat in initial years of his career path has aided him in substantiating and nurturing his multifaceted talent as a better construction manager the quality that he inherits.

Besides being innovative in methods, planning and quality control of the ongoing projects, he also evolves ways to handle routine problems with subtle ease in most effective manner. He is a motivating force needed to take projects from drawing board stage to final finish level evading all hurdles, whatsoever, with teamwork, typical Iron Triangle culture and camaraderie.

Mr. Bhupendra Pachani is instrumental in providing growth, competency and confidence that are desirable to prosper for an individual and to an organization for that matter.

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Mr. Bhovan Rangani

Mr. Bhovan Rangani


A promoter director of Iron Triangle Limited. Basically a graduate from Gujarat,

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India, Mr. Bhovanbhai Rangani, using rarest of qualities such as keen acumen, business sense and analytical approach provides an efficient and active financial management and optimum resource utilization. His vast knowledge of costing, field contacts, and capacity to acquire required items at the most competitive rates, are exemplary. His competency in costing, time scheduling and assessing utility of plant and machinery as well manpower has played key-role in controlling overhead expenses of the company, and ultimately increasing profit ratio.

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